Palmer Divide Repeater Group

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Welcome to the Palmer Divide Repeater Club! Have a look about and let us know what you think.


Our Mission

The purpose of our organization is to provide public service and emergency communication capability for the Palmer Divide are in Colorado. 


About Our Organization

We are a local group of techs (Engineers, Geeks, what have you) that originally decided to pool what remained of our hypoxic brains and create a repeater club. As stated previously, our goal is to provide public service/emergency communications for the Palmer Divide area including Monument and Palmer Lake. 

Contact Information

You're welcome to contact us by the following methods regarding membership and any community projects we can you with.

Postal address
        Palmer Divide Repeater Club
        19980 Soaring Wing Drive
        Colorado Springs, CO 80908-1334
Electronic mail
Our email address is: